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Aadhaar Benefits
One Aadhaar = 1 beneficiary
Aadhaar is a unique number, and no resident can have a duplicate number since it is linked to their individual biometrics; thereby identifying  
fake and ghost identities which result in leakages today.
Aadhaar is a universal number, and agencies and services can contact the central Unique Identification database from anywhere in the  
country to confirm a beneficiaryís identity.
Inclusion of those without any existing identity documents:
A problem in reaching benefits to poor and marginalized residents is that they often lack the identification documents they need to receive  
State benefits; the ĎIntroducerĎ system which has been approved for data verification for the UIDAI will enable such residents to establish  
an identity.
Electronic benefit transfers
The UID-enabled-Bank-Account network will offer a secure and low cost platform to directly remit benefits to residents without the heavy  
costs associated today with benefit distribution.
Aadhaar-based authentication to confirm entitlement delivered to the beneficiary:
Tthe UIDAI will offer online authentication services for agencies who wish to validate a residentís identity; this service will enable  
confirmation of the entitlement actually reaching the intended beneficiary.
Self-service puts residents in control:
Using Aadhaar as an authentication mechanism, residents should be able to access up-to-date information about their entitlements,  
demand services and redress their grievances directly from their mobile phone, kiosks or other means. In the case of self-service on the  
residentís mobile, security is assured using two-factor authentication (i.e. by proving possession of the residentís registered Mobile Number  
and knowledge of the residentís Aadhaar PIN).